How to get stuff done and be more productive!

How many times do you sit there procrastinating and wonder if only there was a way to stop the procrastination from the get go? Well for today’s post I’m here to talk all about how you can start your day off right and get everything you should be doing, done.

My first tip is to get up early and set a morning routine for yourself. By getting up early I don’t mean 5am, I just mean enough time to get the simple things you need to do for that day, done. Even if it means having a shower or working out, by getting up that little bit earlier and including these things in your morning routine you’re more likely to get them done. Also in your morning routine, try completing the smaller tasks you need to get done, this might be writing your to-do list for the day or answering emails. Getting these jobs for the day out of the way allows you more time in the rest of your day to get your tasks on your to-do list done and also these smaller tasks also work as a great way for you to ease yourself into the bigger tasks.

A great way to ensure you’re getting things done is to create to-do lists! I can ensure you I am 100% more productive when I have a to-do list for the day. I love that satisfying feeling of checking off a task and getting on to the next one. When creating my to-do list I include everything from jobs around the house, uni work and even setting myself up for the next day! This just means I remember to do everything I need and have no chance of forgetting anything I needed to get done. I also like to write my to-do lists in order of priority so I know I’m getting the most important tasks done first before moving on to tasks that could possibly be completed another day if I don’t get them done.

Avoid social media!! I feel like checking your social media first thing in the morning can sometimes set you up for a more negative day. I like to avoid checking my social media too much until I feel like I’ve got a reasonable amount of tasks done. This is a habit that is hard to adopt at first but the more and more you do it, the easier it’ll be. Also try to avoid checking your social media whilst you’re trying to get tasks done. To stop myself doing this I like to use the app Forest on my phone and SelfControl on my laptop. These apps really help me to stop checking social media when I should be working, enabling me to get tasks done quicker and to a higher quality as my whole focus is on the task at hand.

For later on in the day when you start to feel yourself losing your energy, always remember to keep yourself hydrated and not hungry. Now this tip might sound silly but I know if I’m dehydrated or hungry I always start to lose my energy by halfway through the day. A great way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to always keep water and some healthy snacks next to you while you study. Fruit is a great thing to snack on while you’re trying to be productive (plus its great for your body!) and keeping hydrated will also keep you awake and avoid headaches! Extra tip: I always find drinking cold water that has been kept in the fridge is extra helpful if you feel yourself falling asleep.

And finally, don’t burn yourself out! I know sometimes we can always get caught up in completing tasks for the day and end up working until late at night but try not to wear yourself out. If you feel yourself getting exhausted and you still have things to do, try considering whether these tasks are urgent or whether they can be postponed to tomorrows to-do list. Don’t feel bad about doing this, we all get to a point where we just can’t go on, and at these times we need to listen to our bodies. If I get to this point and really can’t do any more heavy tasks but still want to be productive I like to plan for the next day by writing tomorrows to-do list or getting my bag and outfit ready for the next day. This saves me time the next day to fit in those few tasks I didn’t get done on the day.



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