My June favourites!

In today’s post I wanted to start off a new series on my blog which will consist of my monthly favourites. Within my favourites I want to include a variety of categories such as beauty, fashion, stationery, music and YouTubers as well as some random favourites. Who knows maybe my June favourites will inspire you guys to watch a new YouTuber, try a new makeup product or wear something out of your comfort zone!

I wanted to start this June favourites off by talking about one of my favourite YouTubers, Erin Henry, whose YouTube videos actually inspired me to start my blog. In Erin’s videos she always talks about how her channel is all about “overcoming your limiting beliefs and build the business and life of your dreams.” This quote is something that really sparked a fire within me and I also really related to the idea of ‘building the life of your dreams.’ I always thought about how we dream of owning things such as a our ‘dream car’ or ‘dream house’ but we never really visualise our dream lives. I realised I was unhappy with my life but I was never really digging deeper into why I was unhappy and what it was that would make my life a happier one to live (essentially thinking about what my dream life would entail). Erin’s videos really help guide you and give you little tips that will help you to live a happier life and to live life to the fullest. She also has a ‘How to be a Girl Boss’ series on her channel, which are some of my favourite videos of hers, where she gives tips on the ins and outs of being a true Girl Boss.

My next favourite this month is t-shirt dresses! I have been loving t-shirt dresses at the moment especially in this hot weather. They’re baggy , so they’re cool and comfortable but they still look so stylish! I love wearing them with my low white Converses or my Old Skool High Top Vans. My favourite at the moment is this one, in blush, from Forever 21 but I also love this super basic one from H&M.

Another favourite of mine has been super bronzed and glowy makeup looks! Lately I’ve really been loving pairing natural looking brows with super bronzed and ‘glowing from within’ makeup. To achieve this look I start of by using a mixture of my two favourite bronzers, Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer and applying these to my cheeks and hollows of my cheekbones (where I would apply my contour and my blush), forehead, jawline and a tiny dust across the nose. I do this with a big fluffy blush brush from Real Techniques to give me that overall bronzed look and then on the high points of my face, so the tops of my cheekbones, just above my brows, tip and bridge of my nose, cupids bow and my chin, I apply a combination of BECCA’s ‘Opal’ highlighter and the bronze shade from the Sleek ‘Solstice’ highlighting palette. After applying my highlight I like to take my damp beauty blender and just go over all the places I applied my highlight to really help it melt into the skin and make the glow look more natural and lit from within. I also like to take a bit of the same two bronzers and use a big fluffy crease brush to apply this in my crease. This just adds that extra bit of bronzy-ness to the eyes.

My random favourite this month is a website/app called ‘Coolors.‘ Coolors is an application that effectively puts together different colour swatch combinations and shows you the number and name of each of the colours. I mainly like this app just because its aesthetically pleasing and different colour combinations is something that inspires me a lot, especially when it comes to home decor!

I don’t really have any stationary or music favourites this month but I am on the hunt for a planner for the next academic year so if you have any suggestions please feel free to tweet me them!

So there you have it, my favourites for the month of june! I hope some of these things inspired you guys and maybe next month they’ll be one of YOUR personal favourites!



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