How to plan like a pro.

Do you ever find yourself getting overwhelmed by the day ahead and always forgetting even the tiniest things you have to do within your day? 

Planning is a great way to keep track of the events you have going on every day, it allows you to not only make sure you don’t double book things but also make time for everything you have to do within your day, from when you’re working, to things on your to do list.

Personally, I love to dedicate one day to sitting down and writing down my events and tasks for the upcoming week in both my diary and my weekly planner pad. I also take this time to write up my to-do list for the next day. Usually, I do this on a Sunday as I actually find it a good way to unwind and not only reflect on the week that has passed, but also prepare yourself for the week ahead, whether it’s going to be busy or not.

I usually start out by writing on my weekly planner pad. I love pads like these as I find they’re not so overwhelming due to their simplistic layout and you can keep them on your desk as a reminder of your plans for the day. I also like to colour code all of my planning and I do this by simply assigning a different coloured biro pen to different types of tasks or events. For example, I use pink to show my personal events or tasks that need doing and I use a brown biro to display my boyfriends planned events for the week. As well as colour-coding, I like to try and place all my tasks in the same place, in the space for that day, across the whole week. This means that if I was looking for what I have planned to have for dinner that day, not only would I know I need to look for the purple writing on my pad, but I would also know that it is halfway down in the column for each day.

Alongside my weekly planner pad I like to keep a diary planner that follows a similar sort of layout. Having a diary planner is just slightly more convenient as typically they are A4 or A5 in size and can be carried around with you. I like to keep mine in my backpack as this allows me to make any changes in it, if they may occur while i’m on the go. Like I said, my diary planner follows the exact same layout as my weekly planner right from the colour coding to the layout of my tasks. Keeping this layout throughout my planning methods ensures that I can fully understand them and know exactly where to look for my different tasks.

As I mentioned above, I also like to include my boyfriends events within my own planner. Co-operative planning allows me to see if there is any clashes in our events for the week as well as helping me to plan meals and jobs that may need doing around the house. As well as my diary and weekly planner another great way to plan co-operatively is through a shared calendar. My favourite way of doing this is simply by using the calendar app on my iPhone. Through this app you can actually share a calendar with anyone in your contacts and once you have invited them to share the calendar with you, you can both add events into the calendar and will be notified when one-another does so. Brandon and I share a calendar in the calendar app and will both input our work shifts for the week and any events that include both of us so that we can both keep track of them. The app is also very useful as it will notify you when any information within an event in the shared calendar has been changed so if I were to change the times of any events in our joint calendar, Brandon would be notified. I feel like co-operative planning is great if you live with a partner, or even if you have a busy social life, as it allows you to make other people aware of your schedule, which can also motivate you to make sure you’re keeping it updated!

Lastly, I like to keep to-do lists and when doing so I actually like to update them daily. I want to make another post going into more detail about to-do lists but as I’m discussing how I plan and stay on top of things I thought I’d mention them here. Within my daily to-do lists I like to include everything I need to do within that day and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. This includes even the smallest tasks such as taking some time for myself or taking out the rubbish. I actually have a to-do list pad that is similar to my weekly planner pad that allows me to not only write down the tasks I need to do for that day but also for the next day and make notes of tasks I’m putting off for the time being (which is sometimes a dangerous thing as they end up being put off for longer than intended!) I actually find having a to-do list really motivating as ticking off a completed task reminds me that I’m that much closer to completing my tasks for the day.

I really recommend planning if you struggle with keeping track of your daily tasks or find yourself getting overwhelmed regularly. I used to find myself getting easily overwhelmed when I had a lot to do in a day, and in all honesty I still do, but by getting myself into a routine of planning I was able to keep that feeling under control and have a clear view of my day in front of me, wherever I am. I feel like including even just one of the planning methods, I have mentioned, in your day-to-day life will really help you gain back control of your days and get you one step closer to building your girl boss empire!



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